Monday, July 03, 2006

Reasons why these bike racks are inconvenient

  • In hot summer weather, it is almost unbearable to stand in this sunny cement corner while carefully clamshelling the rack closed without damaging your bike. Today I just locked up to part of the rack instead of fully closing my bike in.
  • The hinged arm of the rack that is supposed to lock your bike in tends to scratch the 'down-tube' of my bike. There is a welt of missing pait there.
  • The racks are too close to the wall, so it's hard to get both wheels and the frame locked at the same time.
  • You have to reach your hands in a dark place to fasten the lock. I guess it's safe from people on drugs busting open the lock with zeal.
  • There is no curb cut in the sidewalk on the way to the racks, so bicyclists must either dismount and then walk or ride another 100 feet, or they can brave riding through the amtrak bus parking area, which is full of busses backing up.

One Space Remaining at 11 AM

I locked up, leaving no spaces remaining.